Lockdown Activities

As we have all been confined to port this last few weeks, some of us may have taken to occupy ourselves in building/repairing/titivating a model or two or other hobbies during the lockdown. Hopefully these will brighten up our current dispositions and shine a light on what we might expect to see at the lake when the all clear is given.

If anyone wishes to add any activities, boating related or not, please email the Secretary or the Treasurer.

Phil Busby

Just a few images of my activity during these last two months. The railway images are a work in progress of my layout so many years of work are still required.

Frank Butler

Mr. Tom, this is part of Andrew's project to develop a display which will show the uninitiated how a boat kit goes together. It is hoped that it could encourage some to give it a try. They will have this final assembly to handle to help understand.

Bob Cordell

Defending Winthorpe, celebrating VE day from the front garden.

Stuart Cox

Slowing building the 'Wulf 10' push / tow tug, hoping to push the barges around instead of towing them.

Colin Dallas

Just before lockdown came on us, that next year we would leave the car/van at home, build a campervan and tour our coast line! Well that's the plan. Sadly halfway through the build, I fell out the back door pulling a ton of bits in my shoulder! Anyway this is the van build up to now.

Phil Edmonds

I have for sale a very nice RNLI boat which may be of interest to somebody in the club. It is in my opinion one of the nicest models available. There are no electrics fitted other than 2 motors so ideal to add electronics of choice.

Iain Fraser

Lockdown builds almost complete just awaiting final paint and decals. Think I have a problem at least I'll be busy this winter.

Pete Hall

Busy making a new tug 'Afon Alaw', 850mm by 310mm at a scale of 1:32 with 70mm steerable power korts and 2x18v brushed motors and a home made bow thruster with a 1400kv brushless motor.

Mike Lucas

The "Graf Spee" was just about finished before the lockdown so I have not been able to test in on the water. The hull is a 1:128 scale fibreglass from Fleetscale but the rest is scratch built with a few bought fittings.
HMS Queen Elizabeth as you can see is very much work in progress which will probably take all year to complete. It is 1:200 scale so works out at 1.4 m long and using dozens of photos I am building it completely from scratch, as none of the manufacturers have produced a hull yet.

Andrew Palmer

My nearly finished project. A 1/32 scale, two foot gauge model of preserved industrial Peat and Potato garden railway, all scratch built. Influences; 'Bord Na Mona' peat works, 'Chat Moss' peat works, 1st WW front line ammo wagon reappropriated on Blankney and Nocton potato railway.

An ongoing tug project, Shovette is a real tug working in Hull. Mine is a vicious compromise but loosely based upon it. Twin korts push and pull tug.

This is a restoration / reinvention of a vessel from a gentleman who frequented our club 15 years ago. He is now a father and has given me the honour of this rebuild for his son. They are keen to join our happy throng and sail with us. The internals were rather defunct and so are being updated and replaced. The overall plan is a pre TID tug design.

John Poore

I have built a smaller version of Knowurrys, this one is 1/32 scale with an overall length of 24" . Desperate to try it on the lake, it's not the same playing in the bath!

Mike Richardson

My other anorak, got to make the best of lockdown.

Dave Smith

Days out at the quarry.

Maurice Webb

Three more to add to the fleet, running out of room.

Kevin Woodhouse

Another boat rescued from the scrap heap. A Graupner 'Weisel' that I have given new life to, it's a 'Zobel' class, cold war fast attack boat. Just needs sea trials now.
Also started on a rebuild of a 'Rosegarth' I acquired from Bob Alcock. Here I am replacing damaged planking, before installing all new brass railings. When finished, she will be returning as the 'Afon Wen' of Holyhead towing.

Finally if you have forgotten what the lake looks like here it is on the 25th May.